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How It Works

In its simplest forms, the goal of laser hair removal is to selectively heat a target (hair) to the point of destruction without damaging the surrounding tissue (skin). Flirt Spa & Brow Bar is able to achieve optimum results for our clients by carefully considering three important parameters:





1. The client’s skin type.
2. The wavelength of the
laser used.
3. The strength of the laser treatment.





The first critical parameter of laser hair removal is deciding the client’s skin type, and therefore the wave length and the strength of the laser treatment to be used.

The Fitzpatrick Phototype is a skin tone scale developed by Harvard physician Thomas Fitzpatrick, M.D.

The scale is based on the amount of melanin (skin pigment) on the client’s skin and is used to calculate the potential of sunlight burning of an individual.

The skin types are classified as I through VI or from very fair skin to very pigmented skin.





Skin Type I: Extremely fair skin, always burns, never tans
Skin Type II: Fair skin, always burns, sometimes tans
Skin Type III: Medium skin, sometimes burns, always tans, medium skin, brown hair, brown eyes.
Skin Type IV: Olive skin, rarely burns, always tans (Andréa is a Type IV)
Skin Type V: Moderately pigmented dark skin, never burns, always tans
Skin Type VI: Markedly pigmented very dark skin, never burns, always tans





The second parameter, the wavelength of the laser to be used, is decided after the determination of the client’s skin type.

Lasers come in different wavelengths or “colors”. Different wave lengths interact differently with targeted structures within the skin. The difference in wave lengths is: 755 nm (nanometers) of the Alexandrite laser and 1064 nm for the nd:Yag laser.

The Alexandrite laser is used for skin types I-III (sometimes IV).

The nd:Yag laser must be used on skin types V-VI.

Treatment of these highly pigmented skin tones with an Alexandrite laser will lead to burns on these clients.

Flirt Spa & Brow Bar's ownership of both an Alexandrite and nd:Yag laser allows safe treatment of all skin types, increasing our service offering to the entire population, with the peace of mind that the appropriate laser and wave length will be used.




The third parameter, the strength of the laser treatment, will identify the energy (measured in Joules) necessary to effectively remove the hair, but at the same time, provide the ultimate in comfort and safety for our clients.




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