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Covid-19 Safety Measures








  • Upon entry, each client's temperature will be taken.

  • All clients and employees must wear masks.

  • Masks will be provided if needed.

  • Clients can also request employees to wear a face shield over the mask & gloves.

  • Sneeze guards can be requested for all services that require the client to lay down.

  • All beds will have disposable sheets.

  • Appointments are highly recommended.

  • We will accommodate last minute walk-ins, however, you must call us when you're at the bench outside.  We will come out to get you when the technician is ready.

  • Employee temperatures are taken daily.

  • Employees will be tested every 2 weeks for Covid-19.

  • There is no waiting area. Benches are set up outside.

  • All service stations now have hand sanitizers and throughout the salon.

  • We set up a hand washing station in the back for all clients to access.

  • Lena is now working upstairs and doing eyebrow shaping in the room as well.

  • Any clients who would like to be serviced in a private room must make the request when booking the appointment.

  • As always all tools will be sterilized in our autoclave machine and other new machines we bought.

  • As before all tools are also sprayed with alcohol or barbicide before each use.

  • We Lysol all drying stations and chairs after each client.

  • We have a cleaning lady here four days a week.

  • Clients may request a new buff and file for their services that we will keep in salon with their name on it.

  • All pedicure stations have disposable liners for each client.

  • We have personalized manicure kits for sale (Kit Contains: Birchwood Manicure Sticks, Stainless Pushy and Nail Cleaner, Stainless Nail Clipper, Stainless Cuticle Nipper, & Manicure Block)

  • We also have new nail polishes for sale.

  • We recommend clients who want the least exposure to book their appointments for Monday to Wednesday when the salon is not as busy.

We ask that you please bare with us, as these are all new measures that we are working very hard to comply with. We appreciate each and everyone of you.  Thank you for your ongoing support!


Benches for clients who need to wait

Barrier between front desk and clients

Lash room with barrier between technician & client

Private lash & brows room upstairs

Pedicure stations with barriers & plastic liners for feet

Brow stations with plastic barriers

Manicure stations with plastic barriers

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